Green Wild Ginger Exercise Top

Green Wild Ginger Exercise Top

Our Yoga Collection

These gorgeous Wild Ginger plant padded exercise top are definitely a must have if your into yoga, dance, pilates, or general fitness.

 'I originally created this design using pastels. I love the brightness of the pigments. I'm able to get really vibrant colors that remind me of wet season back in the homelands. This design reminds me of my grandmothers. When we'd go out bush for the day looking for bush dye, we'd always come across other bush medicines and useful plants. I remember being shown this one and a number of others like wild carrot, bush toffee and wild honey. When we'd all be out bush together I could see how happy my family was esspecially the old girls. They love walking around bare-feet connecting to the earth, feeling the power of their country'.

By Ma Wanjibang

We've searched for a high-performance fabric that is breathable, easy to move in and designed to dry quick. Show off the beauty and spirit of Australia in our new yoga leggings. 

To extend the life of your yoga wear: Rinse with cold water after each use to remove any chlorine, salt water, or lotions. Wash on delicate cycle or hand wash only and lay flat to dry.