Dingo Dress - Orange

Dingo Dress - Orange

Custom organic dress. Inside bind finished neckline. Raw armholes. Raw Hem printed with natural dye's and Made in Australia. The picture is a size small shirt. Taking care of your Dingo requires you to rinse with cold water after each use to remove any chlorine, salt water, or poisons. Wash on delicate cycle or hand wash only and lay flat to dry. We wouldn't tumble dry or bleach a dingo. Dingos are friends of Australian Indigenous people and don't eat you.

Why Organic...?

We are an Australian Indigenous Brand that believes in caring for country, our animals, plants and natural resources. The major benefit to buying organic cotton is an environmental one. Low carbon footprints, chemical and pesticide free processes, and vastly less water consumption are some of the reasons why we choose organic cotton over regular cotton.

Big deal.
What do I get out of it?

 The end result is a much stronger, softer, and longer lasting cotton. Basic cotton shrinks, twists, and breaks down after a few washes. Organic cotton T-Shirts keep their shape, get softer with every wash, and last for many many years.

And it means you have contributed towards giving a damn about our earth for future generations.
We pride ourselves on using only local Australian manufacturers in the Sydney & Melbourne areas.

All production is certified and 100% sweatshop free.