About Us


Founded in 2014, after a desire to see more representation of Indigenous design and clothing in Australia, Shaun Edwards originally from Cape York has teamed up with mate Adam Linforth of Budgy Smuggler to bring a new collection of clothing that is available for all to enjoy, feel sexy and most of all feel proud knowing that they are wearing a true Aussie icon.

After many years of exhibiting my original artworks I wanted to see people wearing my art, Shaun say's. It's the second year of this company and I'm truly blessed and inspired to keep my culture alive in 2015 and beyond. 

My earliest memories of my homeland in Australia's remote Cape York are of the animals shown to me by my great grand parents while out on country. I wanted to bring these Australian native animals closer to everyone, closer for people to understand and appreciate like my people do.

This new collection has been in my head for sometime and finally I've been able to create a collection that shows strength, beauty, connection to country and spiritual connection to me.

I've been inspired by sleek, slender European styled garments and together with Adam we've introduced a range of Australian mens Sunga Swimsuits and Yoga wear with meaning.

We have more idea's up our sleeve and working on some designs and artworks. I hope you enjoy our journey please follow our Dreamings from Cape York.



 Our amazing models showcasing the new range in Cairns in August 2015.